Understanding Hair Thinning On Temples In Women

About 100% of men can tell a story about one time they were late for a date because their female partner was styling her hair. Women spend a considerable amount of time, trying to make their hair outstanding, so when they do not get the desired results, panic starts to set in. For most women, … Read moreUnderstanding Hair Thinning On Temples In Women

Best Hair Loss Treatment for Females

Hair loss is a common effect of aging. It is one that a number of females dread. While there is no cure for those in danger of going bald, there are ways to increase overall hair thickness. There are many treatments available for those looking to postpone hair loss. Below, we’re going to go over … Read moreBest Hair Loss Treatment for Females

What Triggers Alopecia Areata & How To Handle It?

As a male, we take pride in being hairy above and below. It can be scary to come to terms with reality when hair loss sets in. Certain factors like protein deficiency, chemo, and low vitamin levels can result in hair loss. Alopecia areata is a more severe form of hair loss, which makes men … Read moreWhat Triggers Alopecia Areata & How To Handle It?

Illnesses That Cause Hair Loss

With any illness you will experience negative symptoms, however, it is important to familiarize yourself with that illness in order to take control of your feelings and symptoms. Statistics show that men lose their hair and experience baldness more commonly than women, although women can experience hair loss as well. If you are experiencing hair … Read moreIllnesses That Cause Hair Loss

Which vitamin deficiency causes hair loss?

There are a few different vitamins that play an important role in maintaining a full head of hair. When your body is deficient in certain vitamins you will notice significant effects; whether it be hair loss or another symptom. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important; therefore making sure your body is absorbing all the proper … Read moreWhich vitamin deficiency causes hair loss?

Biotin for Hair Growth and its Results

Everyone is always seeking thicker, fuller hair and the buzzword on the streets is Biotin. But what is Biotin? Biotin is a water-soluble, B vitamin that aids in converting macronutrients into energy. This vitamin is commonly found in foods such as eggs, oats, mushrooms, organ meat and spinach and as a bonus, it is also … Read moreBiotin for Hair Growth and its Results