Month: October 2019

Does Nioxin Work?

Many consumers in the Northern Hemisphere are crazy about a haircare brand called “Aussie”. They enthusiastically slap it on their hair under grey skies, firmly believing it will give the effect of health and vitality associated with our bronzed friends down under. The bottles are resplendent with colloquial, supposedly […]

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Is Female Pattern Baldness Reversible?

Depending on the cause, some types of hair loss are temporary and can be totally remedied. Unfortunately, female pattern baldness is not one of those causes and cannot be prevented nor reversed. Treatment The good news is that with the right treatment, you can stop the hairless and potentially regrow some of the hair, […]

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How To Reverse Hair Loss From Medication

Despite the many benefits of medication in curing various illnesses, it can happen that you take some medicine, you get better and you lose your hair at the same time. Medication is thereby one of the most commonly overlooked reasons for hair loss, in addition to this, drugs and also the overuse of vitamin and/or mineral […]

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