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Without a doubt, Rogaine does what it says when it comes to hair loss treatment. There have been numerous testimonials that detail the positive experiences of people who rely on Rogaine as a solution for combating hair loss. Nevertheless, just like every other good thing, certain unhealthy side effects have been linked with the application of Rogaine.

If you must use Rogaine, then I believe that just like myself, you should get yourself informed on the many caveats which are associated with the long-term usage of the hair loss treatment solution.


How Rogaine Works

Some of the most popular long term side effects of Rogaine stem from understanding that Rogaine is not a permanent cure for hair loss. It’s more like the opposite. Rogaine is a minoxidil variant which is combined with finasteride.

The duo help to combat androgenetic alopecia at its earliest stages during which the number of inefficient hair follicles is still very low. Rogaine has to efficiently increase the flow of blood in order to increase the functionality of the hair follicles. But this solution is only a temporary measure.


The Long Term Side Effects of Rogaine

Because Rogaine does not guarantee permanent results, a lot of people have had to use the solution continually over a longer period, to retain the positive results which they get from the minoxidil variant.

In my opinion, this never-ending cycle has proven to be a recipe for numerous health problems that people who use the solution have suffered. Some of the long term side effects include:


Takes Your Treatment Plan Back To Base

Rogaine can be addictive. Because it is not a permanent solution, interrupting the treatment process of the solution often leads to more severe consequences.

People who have used the solution revealed that by the time they missed their usual treatment or tried to stop the application of the solution, they lost all the rewards of their previous application.

Being unable to deal with the trauma of coping with the rapid hair loss that was triggered by their decision to stay away from Rogaine, many of them had to go back to using the solution. Rogaine usage is an unending cycle that throws you back to square one if you ever stop.


Hair Discoloration

The continuous application of Rogaine has also been traced to the cause of hair discoloration. Reports online mentioned the appearance of a yellowish discoloration on various areas of the hair. People who experienced the sudden discoloration attested to their long term usage of Rogaine.


Persistent hair Loss

Due to the continuous shedding and reactivation of hair follicles, the human neural system catches up with the activities of Rogaine around the applied areas. This leads to the ineffectiveness of the hair loss treatment, nulling it’s treatment capabilities after a long term use. Most reports claimed that after an average use of 15 years, Rogaine lost its ability to stimulate hair growth.


Other Dangerous Side Effects

A report from The Mayo Clinic which was published recently concluded a study on people who had used Rogaine over long periods. According to the reports, some persons suffered life-threatening consequences which included blurry vision, swelling of the face, sharp chest pain, obesity, and very fast heartbeats.

These side effects were traced to the excessive use of Rogaine which was then absorbed into the body over a long period.


While Rogaine guarantees temporary solutions to combat hair loss, it remains evident that the better option would be the old fashioned strategy which involves a complete overhaul of your hair treatments, getting adequate rest, and a change of diet. Although the traditional methods may take so much time to record any progress, you’d be at peace knowing in your heart, that you’re doing the right thing without expending unnecessary cash.

Have you tried using Rogaine? What was your experience? Start a discussion in the comment section below.

Recently updated on November 28th, 2023