Hair loss can be traumatizing for men. Thinking about having to live the rest of your life as a baldie is something that men are never ready to confront, but it happens, and when it does, it can be severe.

Hair loss in men can be very challenging because it can occur due to an unlimited number of reasons. What makes it more challenging is that if a man decides to adopt a general solution to tackle hair problems, the condition may linger on and even get worse.


What Causes Hair Loss In Men

Although hair loss has been linked to numerous issues like internal diseases, poor dieting and the presence of pathogens, experts have discovered three major factors that are responsible for hair loss in men. These include:



One thing people fail to realize is that they don’t only extract their parent’s good looks. They also absorb some of the genetic challenges which are present in their parents. Genetics has been proven to have strong links with hair loss. Studies revealed that a person whose parents or grandparents have suffered from baldness will likely experience androgenetic alopecia, a term used to refer to genetically transferred baldness.



When a lot of people think about growing old, they imagine themselves in gray-colored hairs. What they often forget is that the changes in the hair’s properties are clear signs of potential hair loss in men.

Statistics show that a lot of men suffer from hair loss as their age climbs higher. Male patterns baldness has been reported to affect more than half the population of white men who are aged above 50 years. The number climbs higher to an astounding 80 percent for men who are aged 70 and above. If you’re hitting these age ranges, then you should brace up for hair loss, and adopt proper mitigating strategies.


Hormonal Changes

Another major cause of hair loss in men has been linked to hormonal changes. This type of hair loss can leave devastating effects because it can hardly be controlled. Hormonal changes are normal, and hormonal levels change frequently as a man lives through their life cycle.

In the United States of America alone, more than 50 million men suffer from hair loss due to changes in their hormones.


Fungal Infections

The presence of fungi can also lead to hair loss in men. While more women double up on hair treatments, men often put in less effort towards putting their hair in great shape. 

A popular fungus which is known as Tinea Capitis, otherwise called ringworm of the scalp is a notorious infection that vigorously attacks the scalp and follicles, leading to a significant amount of hair loss.

While hair loss can sometimes be a normal occurrence, a sudden loss of hair in huge amounts is abnormal and could be symptoms for a more delicate health condition. In such cases, it is advised that you consult with a medical expert in a bid to seek professional help.


How Can Men Stop Hair Loss?

While men can be sometimes more relaxed than women when hair loss strikes, a few others can sometimes get panicky or sink into depression and low self-esteem. 

You should understand that everyone loses hair all the time, but if you believe you cannot enjoy your life as a baldie, you can consider taking some FDA approved medications such as minoxidil to grow your hair back in shape.

Other brilliant option for men who are suffering from severe hair loss include using a hairpiece, changing your hairstyle, loading up on vitamins and supplements, or just cut it all and take up a brand-new boss-like look.

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