Female Hair Loss Success Stories (Regrowth with Minoxidil)

Biotin for Hair Growth and its Results

As women get older and experience hormonal fluctuations, exposure to prescription medications, and damaging hairstyles, their hair may begin to thin to the point where they develop what is known as ‘female pattern hair loss’ (FPHL).  About 40% of all hair loss sufferers are women, and by the age of 50, up to half of … Read more

Which of the 6 Nioxin System is Right For Me?

Nioxin System 1

There are six Nioxin systems, and they are all designed for individuals with different hair conditions and needs. Once you know their individual recommendations, you can then identify which one is perfect for your hair follicle type. For example, you can’t use Nioxin system 1 if your hair has undergone treatment in the past and … Read more

Telogen Effluvium in Females (Hair Thinning at Temples)

woman covering face with her hair

It can be frightening to notice a thinning ponytail, a receding hairline, or excessive hair shedding in the shower.  In this article, I’d like to shed some light on a specific condition called Telogen Effluvium (TE) which is hair loss around the hairline, temples, and behind the ears, and often a result of a medical … Read more

Best Medicine for Hair Fall and Regrowth

Hair loss text with white pills, hair fall and regrowth, Organic Biotin Supplements

Hair loss alludes to lost hair from the scalp or body. The therapeutic term for male pattern baldness is alopecia. Male pattern baldness is increasingly prominent in men, influencing 60% of men and up to 40% of women. In this article will discuss the most popular type of hair fall and regrowth treatment options. The … Read more

Is Female Pattern Baldness Reversible?

tight women braids

Depending on the cause, some types of hair loss are temporary and can be totally remedied. Unfortunately, female pattern baldness is not one of those causes and cannot be prevented nor reversed. Treatment The good news is that with the right treatment, you can stop the hairless and potentially regrow some of the hair, but … Read more

Female Hair Thinning On Top Of Head

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While alopecia is not as common among women as it is in men, it is still a hereditary trait that affects millions of women around the world. Fortunately, women are less likely to go completely bald compared to our male counterparts, but serious thinning can still occur. In most cases, it starts with a slight … Read more