With any illness you will experience negative symptoms, however, it is important to familiarize yourself with that illness in order to take control of your feelings and symptoms. Statistics show that men lose their hair and experience baldness more commonly than women, although women can experience hair loss as well.

If you are experiencing hair loss, it is imperative to get to the bottom of what is causing it. In order to fix the issue, you need to determine the cause. Let’s take a look at a few different illnesses that cause hair loss.


You are not consuming enough protein in your diet

Consuming an adequate amount of protein every day is important in keeping our body healthy. Your body could be shutting down hair growth due to not consuming enough protein, which is why you could be losing hair. You will not notice hair loss due to not eating protein for a few days; however, within a few months, you could experience symptoms of hair loss if over the course of time you are not consuming enough.


You have a hormonal imbalance

Hormones do some crazy things sometimes and one of those crazy things might be hair loss. If your hormones are not functioning properly your body will start to change over time. If you are pregnant or taking birth control pills, you could experience hair loss due to changes in your hormones.


Vitamin A + B deficiency

If you are low on Vitamin A & B for a period of time you might start to notice your hair is thinning out. This is one symptom of being deficient in these two vitamins. Increase your intake of Vitamin A + B in order to prevent illnesses from arises. Too much Vitamin A can have the same effect when it comes to hair loss.


An autoimmune illness

Autoimmune illnesses are linked to hair loss due to an overactive immune system. Unfortunately, your immune system gets confused and targets the wrong areas sometimes, which often turns out targeting your hair. Certain steroid injections and drugs can be used in order to cure an autoimmune illness and repair your hair cells.


Consuming antidepressants

Certain medications can cause hair loss even though they are prescribed and are benefiting your body in one way or another. One side effect of using antidepressants is hair loss. Talk to your doctor about lowering your dosage in order to avoid hair loss symptoms.



People who undergo chemotherapy suffer from hair loss due to the drugs destroying the cancerous cells. Unfortunately, when the chemo is destroying cancer cells it also destroys hair cells. After your chemotherapy treatments are finished you will notice that your hair will start to grow back. Sometimes the texture of your hair changes due to the chemo effects.



When your body is going through a stressful period in your life, you will notice many things start to change. Your body is reacting to the environment and state of mind you are in, therefore you are experiencing negative symptoms. You will notice hair loss symptoms are more frequent due to physical stress than emotional stress. I am not saying that the death of a loved one or divorce will not cause hair loss but generally, it is the more physical side of stress.



Iron deficiency is known to cause hair loss and approximately one out of 10 females will experience this illness. Make sure you are eating foods that are rich in iron or you are taking an iron supplement in order to maintain a healthy level of iron in your body.


I understand that illnesses are out of your control, however, managing the symptoms can be easier then you think. By contacting your doctor to go over the causes and symptoms of the feelings you are experiencing, it is beneficial to determine the cure and necessary methods moving forward. If you notice your body is changing negatively, contact your doctor right away before the illness gets worse. Take the necessary precautions in order to avoid hair loss at all stages.

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